Terms and Conditions of Participation

1 Conclusion of the travel contract By registering for travel on the basis of our offer
you make a binding offer to enter into the travel contract. The travel contract comes into being with the
acceptance by us of the registration. We shall inform you of acceptance, which requires no special
form, by sending you the travel confirmation no later than two weeks prior to departure.

1.2 Please inform us in good time if you
have not received your travel confirmation 10 days prior to
your arrival date so that we can send you all the important information
in good time.

2. Billing information

2.1 Payment by direct debit

During the direct debit procedure, the party performing the booking authorises
the tour operator to perform the direct debit according to an electronic mandate procedure.
Within twenty-four hours of completion of the electronic travel booking, the tour operator shall send the booking party, together with
booking confirmation, a 
pre-notification about the amount that is to be booked by direct debit for the complete journey.
The booking party assures the tour operator that the account that is to be debited has sufficient
funds, otherwise it will incur all additional costs incurred by the tour operator due to non-payment or reversal of the direct debit.

The complete journey will be paid in two instalments, unless otherwise agreed. The first instalment of € 177.00 is due immediately upon acceptance of the trip, but will be booked no later than in the second month prior to departure.
The remaining amount, including all discounts and additional costs, will be booked no later than one month prior to departure.

2.2 Payment by bank transfer 

When paying by bank transfer, the full amount is due immediately upon acceptance of the trip and transmission of the travel confirmation by the tour operator. Travel expenses and bank details are communicated together with the travel confirmation.

2.3 If the agreed travel price is not paid in full before the commencement of travel, this entitles us
to dissolve the travel contract and to claim compensation in the amount of the
corresponding cancellation fees, provided that a lack of travel providing entitlement
to cancellation does not already exist at this time.

2.4. If you fail to make payments on the agreed dates and we therefore have to remind you,
we are entitled to charge a reminder fee of € 15.00.

3. Services, Prices

3.1. For the scope of the contractual services, the service descriptions in our
offer, as they are when they become the basis of the contract, as well as the related
information in the travel confirmation, are binding. Subsidiary agreements that alter the scope of the contractual
require explicit confirmation.
3.2. Your journey begins and ends
- depending on the booked duration of the trip
- on the departure and arrival dates stated in the service description.

4. Withdrawal, rebooking, substitute person

4.1. You can withdraw from the trip at any time prior to departure. Withdrawal must be made
in writing, stating your full name and surname, and be delivered to

Ober- Blöbaum Scheffler GbR
Caseler Strasse 2-2a
13088 Berlin


The key date for the date of withdrawal is the date of arrival of the declaration at
Ober-Blöbaum Scheffler GbR. 

4.2. If you withdraw from the travel contract or do not start the journey (e.g. due to missed
connections), we can demand reasonable compensation for the travel arrangements made and our
expenses. When calculating the replacement, we take into account saved
expenses and, usually, other possible uses of travel services
by us. You remain free to prove that
no or substantially lower costs were incurred than with the aforementioned lump sums or the cancellation regulations for the
relevant service descriptions.

4.3. The amount depends on the cost of the trip. As a rule
subject to travel services of

summerdancejam Ober-Blöbaum -Scheffler GbR
- the withdrawal fees that we must request in the event of withdrawal from
a trip are, per registered traveller or person:

up to 180 days before departure: free of charge

from 179 to 90 days before departure: fixed flat rate of 30.- € cancellation fee

from 89 to 30 days before departure 20%
from 29 to 22 days before departure 25%,

from 21 to 15 days before departure 35%
from 14 to 7 days before departure 55%
from 6 days before departure 65%
on the day of departure or in the event of a no-show 90 %.

of the complete cost of travel.

6. Travel insurance

This price does not include cancellation insurance. We recommend
agreeing this type of insurance policy when booking the Summer Dance Jam Camp. For your safety
we recommend complete or basic protection.
We are not involved in claims settlement.

6. Cancellation by the tour operator
If a minimum number of participants is not reached, we are entitled
to cancel the trip up to four weeks before its start. Payments made on the travel price
will be reimbursed immediately.

7 . Force majeure

In order to terminate the travel contract due to force majeure, we refer to Section 651j
BGB which states:

(1) If, following the conclusion of the contract and as a result of unforeseeable force majeure, the trip becomes significantly
hindered, jeopardised or impaired, both the tour operator and the
travellers can cancel the contract solely
in accordance with this provision. 

(2) If the contract is terminated in accordance with paragraph 1, the provisions of Section 651 e (3) clauses 1
and 2, (4) clause 1 shall apply.

8 Data protection and general provisions

8.1 The gathering and processing of all
personal data shall be carried out in accordance with German data protection regulations. Only such personal data will be
collected and forwarded to partners as is necessary for the processing of your trip. We will obligate both these partners and
our employees to maintain the confidentiality of data.
Data will only be transmitted to government agencies or authorities in
accordance with valid
statutory regulations.
8.2 The details contained in these brochures are correct at the time of going to press.
8.3 Identifiable printing and calculation errors entitle us to contest the travel contract.