The Teensweek summer dance camp is a dance training camp for all teenagers over the age of 13. It is divided into weeks with different proficiency levels.

Beginner and Intermediate: 1 week 7 days
Intermediate to Advanced: 1 week 7 days.

During this week, the previous training schedule will be increased to a new maximum.
What is in me, what is possible if we tackle it together and under professional guidance.

The dancers get a glimpse of what it means to train like a professional - for up to eight hours a day they train in the basics of different dance styles, and particularly body structure, through fitness, strength and stretching sessions.

Fun = motivation = better development = indispensable and you can't get enough of it.

The intense schedule is topped off with a varied evening programme with a barbecue,
campfire, table tennis tournament and battles.

A common goal:

The goal of the week is to put a show together in groups formed on the spot and present it at the end of the week.
In addition to dancing, skills such as
music editing,
group coordination
and creativity are developed and, last but not least, many
new friendships are formed here among the like-minded dance enthusiasts.

They are supported and guided by top national coaches as the resident top crew of the nationally famous


The camp takes place in the Dorado holiday village in Ruhlsdorf (about 40 km north of Berlin).
The complex is directly adjacent to a beautiful lake, which is accessible via a beach.
Here you can play beach volleyball and table tennis, and go waterskiing and wakeboarding.
Guests are accommodated in bungalows with two to six beds per room. The price includes full board -
breakfast and dinner are served as a buffet, with a cooked lunch of your choice. Drinks
are available throughout the day and are also included in the price.
Every day two to three workshops are held by different national choreographers, who teach young people the techniques and basics of their styles.