At the Kidsweek summer dance camp, young dance enthusiasts from the ages of 6-12 can experience seven days of fun, games and action.
No matter how much dancing experience you have, this week promises the most intensive training so far and even shows the little ones
how far they can go with dancing. Samuel's Dance Hall coaches provide up to six hours of training every day
and give insights into various dance types. During the camp a complete dance show,
which is performed at the end of the week, is taught in groups of 7-8 children. The challenges faced by both young and old provide them with incomparable
experiences, help them make new friendships and lay important foundations for dancing for years to come.
In addition to the training program, a variety of exciting activities such as canoeing, table tennis, rally, campfire, disco and more
are provided.

Participants are accommodated in four- to nine-bed rooms at Boitzenburg Castle (approx. 100 km north of Berlin).
The castle grounds have a lot to offer children: a lake with a sandy beach, a petting zoo, a kiosk and an ice cream parlour with daily homemade varieties.
Volleyball courts and football pitches are also located in close proximity to ensure that no-one gets bored.
The price includes full-board catering, including all-day drinks,
 all leisure activities and all dance workshops with Samuel's Dance Hall coaches,
 as well as transfer from Berlin-Weissensee or Berlin-Tempelhof.